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"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."
   ~Julia Child

 From Jerry and Valerie Uhrig 

My wife and I happened to be in the area and were looking for a fine dining establishment. I was looking at a Nelson County website and found the Mark Addy Inn. I made a phone call and Leslie said there were going to be 35 people for dinner but we could come early. Everything was perfect for us. She gave us the best seat in the house. The cuisine was just right. My wife had the filet mignon. I had the Norwegian salmon. We also had a light fluffy dessert. Rafael ( the chef) even came out to greet us and see how we liked everything. I would say this was a total experience pleasing to the senses. You owe it to yourself to go to this inn and experience  Rafael and Leslie's work of love. One of their children Lara was our server. The portions of the food were just right. I will defnitely come back again. Thanks so much!   Jerry and Valerie

breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast
breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast
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Mark-Addy Inn, a Virginia Bed and Breakfast
We use all home grown herbs and vegetables from our garden.
Here at the Fountain Room in The Mark Addy Inn we are passionate about offering our guests the finest in international cuisine in an elegant setting.

Gourmet cuisine and menus are prepared daily by Innkeeper, Rafael, and provide a fresh and varied selection... always eclectic, always intriguing and always elegant..


The dining room is open for breakfast and dinner for our inn guests. Reservations are recommended. We are pleased to host your wedding, special event, business meeting, family reunion or any other event.


Mark-Addy Inn, a Virginia Bed and Breakfast
Enjoy breakfast while enjoying the view of the mountains.


The Fountain Room has a variety of wines that will go great with any of our entrees, including several from our Nelson County wineries. We have a selection of wines from Veritas Winery, Wintergreen Winery, Delfosse Winery, Cardinal Point Winery, and Lovingston Winery. We also have as selection of Linden Wines, located in Virginia and a selection of French Imported WInes. So you can sit back and enjoy a bottle or even just a glass of wine while you take in the elegant atmosphere and succulent dining.


Breakfast Menu, Mark-Addy Inn, a Virginia Bed and Breakfast

"The food was simply spectacular!"

"If you could bottle the experience, it would sell in the finest shops"

"Rafael is such an artist! The food was delicious and exciting, the presentation fabulous - don't miss it!"

"We were so glad we made a reservation for dinner here - it was sensational!"

"Rafael is a wonderful cook - we highly recommend dinner here. It was delicious!"

"The food was great - Rafael was very creative. All the food was fresh and hot (or cold as the case may be). The Mark Addy is definitely worth a second visit"



THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE is Copyright 2006 C-VILLE Weekly. Reprinted with permission of the publisher

Issue #18.38 :: 09/18/2006 - 09/25/2006
Fountain heads

Restaurant gossip
Rafael Tal is evidently a modest man, eschewing the word “chef” when asked to describe his role in the kitchen at The Fountain Room at the Mark Addy Inn. So permit Restaurantarama to say what Tal will not: Based on the meal we shared last week at the recently renovated Nellysford inn, he is definitely more than a “slave in the kitchen” (as he endearingly puts it), and even perhaps a notch above “culinary artist,” which is what his wife and business partner Leslie calls him.
    Restaurantarama will start at the beginning—the appetizer course of this story, if you will! In February, the Tals took over the Nelson County inn from John Storck Maddox (who employed renowned chef Gail Hobbs Page in the kitchen). They set to work restoring the Italianate fountain in front of the century-old house, which these days features 10 guest rooms in addition to a couple of comfy parlors and a handsomely appointed dining room. They even converted an outbuilding to a game and leisure room. (We liked the pool table, by the way, and would like to urge this trend upon all bed-and-breakfasters because, after all, what better way is there to work off that hearty eye-opening meal than a game of 8 Ball?) By April they were ready for lodgers; by September they were ready for Restaurantarama to sit down for a bite.
    On second thought, make that a feast. The Tuscan Lamb Chops were as succulent as Leslie promised, although Restaurantarama refrained from the practice that has evidently become commonplace among diners at the Fountain Room—gnawing on the bone! (“To see grown adults in a sophisticated setting pick up a lamb chop and chew it says something,” Leslie remarked, with what we’d have to call understatement.) The filet mignon enjoyed by Restaurantarama’s Official Food and Wine Companion was like butter—and we really mean that, because we were able to cut the brandy cream-sauced meat with a butter knife! And let’s not even discuss the desserts.
    O.K., let’s. The chocolate cake had a pudding-rich middle that left us thinking we might order it for a main course next time, so lusty was its flavor. The three-layer chocolate mousse came artfully presented with kiwi, blueberry and a delicate dollop of creme fraiche.
Not content to let the food alone do the talking, the Tals are planning to play up their wine list, and perhaps even begin serving wine dinners. In the meantime, The Fountain Room offers a very respectable list of Virginia and French wines. We found the VR Veritas Premier 2004 backed up our meat dishes very nicely.