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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

My name is Kasse Brock, a manager here at The Mark Addy Inn. It is my "home away from home". Some of you may have met me at the inn, others may be reading to find out a little more about the Mark Addy in general. Either way...thanks for tuning in!

I grew up with social media. When I say this I do not mean I was growing up while social media existed, I mean social media and I walked down the same hallway to homeroom. I feel as if we attended high-school together as naive teenagers and became blossoming professionals concurrently though college. I remember “back in the day” before I had car payments and a career, and before Facebook had it’s own marketplace and job postings. My how we’ve grown!

ME (Kasse) and my little family! See, I told you social media and I have grown..I have a 2 year old!

I learned how to “tweet” in a college class, learned the guidelines for marketing and #branding yourself online and all the other up and coming ways to be a part of the sensational internet world. Let me tell you this…there is NO compass or set of guidelines that can prepare you for the vast resources and information we have out there, or how quickly they all update!

That being said… in my experience and in all learned marketing—#Wordofmouth is the best form of marketing for a person or a business. What better way to expand my reach at The Mark Addy Inn than to speak directly to our guests and to write to our following in my own words, directly from the source! (the mouth if you will)


-direct connection to readers

-interacting and sharing ideas and experiences


-featured guests

-helping the local community and spreading the word where others can not

I have SO MANY IDEAS! #bedandbreakfastblogging

In the first couple of posts I would like to introduce you all to The Mark Addy Inn—and for those who have already become acquainted with our lovely place and myself… a re-introduction and a chance to follow along #behindthescenes.

Be on the lookout for our next posts.

I'll be updating every Monday and sometimes more frequently!

We’re a unique place, our staff is relatable and friendly!

The best part being...I now have a place to share the day-to-day happenings so you can be a part of the #adventure too!

I look forward to spilling my thoughts into this blog for your reading pleasure.

Spread good vibes, appreciate each day and #TRAVELOFTEN!


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