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Stay thankful but DON'T stay in one place!

As I begin this post exactly one week before Thanksgiving celebrations commence, I can't help but jump on the "What are you thankful for?" bandwagon.

Every day is a day to be thankful for all you've been blessed with. If the holiday season strikes a little fire in you, that's awesome! KEEP IT LIT and STAY HUMBLE every day!

To be thankful is to....

"express gratitude and relief" (oxford)

I am thankful that I "work" at a place that allows people from any demographic to walk in the doors and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. It's a RELIEF to know that in the hustle and bustle of this crazy world we live in, a smiling face and a comfortable bed can lay a great foundation for guests traveling to areas all over. With a positive experience, these guests are venturing out and seeing things they may not have otherwise! The GRATITUDE that I feel on a daily basis is #thanks to the vast opportunities I have to make someone's getaway something they will be #thankful for long after they pull out of our driveway and our big blue roof is in their rear-view.

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” - Bill Bryson

Travel is

...drinking from a teacup you've never once picked up and considering how delicate it is in a hand used to holding a durable to-go mug.

....walking a leaf ridden path covered in morning dew that so many have walked down before you, yet it feels untouched as you #stroll through.

.....waking up to the bright sun shining through windows of a room in a house you barely know, painting a picture of a scene you'll remember for years to come.

...that time you accidentally lost your wallet on #vacation hours from home but saw a miraculous sunset with your fiance while you were stumbling around outside looking for it.

...the last time your grandma was able to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family and you took the #trip from across the country to enjoy it with her.


Travel gives us room to be #thankful for the little things.

Travel is not possible for everyone. Be #THANKFUL if you get the chance! Express this gratitude by traveling yourself, or by giving the gift of travel to your loved ones this holiday season!

"Move aside puppies, diamonds, and ugly sweaters, this holiday season consumers want gift cards for trips and experiences. When asked what they'd most like to receive this holiday season, more than six out of ten travelers told bnbfinder they want a trip or experience, or gift card for one."

It is beyond refreshing to see that new data collected for the "holiday consumer" in search of gifts for their loved ones verifies everything I mentioned above! TRAVEL and experience are what people want! Sure it's fun to wrap up a new Nike sweatshirt or that Instapot everyone's been raving about...but for a gift that gives long after the holiday's are over...give the gift of travel!

Gift cards for a travel experience can be ordered in any amount and the balance does not expire! The recipients choose their dates and keep the memories they make for the rest of their lives! An added perk might be if you buy them a getaway NEAR YOU...they get a little vacation and you get a visit! Everyone wins! Click here for our Gift Certificate information!

"People, especially millennial's, increasingly value experiences over material possessions," explains an article named "Giving Travel" on " Travel is recalled as an "extraordinary experience" just below life's milestones. We can all give material things, but those things will break, or not be needed in the future, be forgotten or become obsolete." read this article here!

I rejoice at the fact that memories are NOT obsolete! People value memories and are #thankful for experiences filling their memory banks!

Until next time...

Spread good vibes, appreciate each day and #TRAVELOFTEN!


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